les Messagers 5x12cm

Since the beginning, since he could stand, man walks. To gather, to hunt, to flee, to check out what’s around the next bend. In small groups, tribes, hordes, the human species conquered the planet by walking. Wherever you are, wherever you look, one day people went there, carefree or dispairing, light-hearted or trembling with fear. Or just minding their own business. This human form, this absurd silhouette which is yet just as naturally obvious as the stars or the horizon, more fearsome than any other, more touching or desirable, these men, these women, these children, from birth til death, pacing the planet,pretending they’ve forgotten that all this will come to no good, and sometimes really forgetting, sometimes actually coming to no good, but sometimes too you might find them dancing or swimming or watching a witch burn at the stake, there are some good times, therefore this GESTALT for the homo sapiens of which I am (y yo soy tambièn en el camino), this is what I wanted to photograph. Far from the idea of coverage. Without anecdotes, without landmarks, with no other identity but humans. In search of traces or what’s left of them, of lost palimpsests, hunting down imaginary memories or those which aren’t mine. Or not mine only . Hoping to transmit the contradictory emotions this improbable species with its pathetic roaming which you might sometimes call  destiny, instils in me.




Virgil Brill